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Super Flexible Mouse Scanner

Translate up to 71 Languages Real Drag and Drop Functions Fullscreen Realtime Display Instant Text Editing (OCR)

Smallest high efficiency scanner in the world.

It will replace your regular mouse and with our software it does wonders. It supports Windows and Mac operating systems.

Text Editing (OCR) supports over 190 languages.

Just a click on scan button?

Yes that’s right, just a click and you can instantly start scanning in realtime displayed on your monitor.
High revolutionary product ever to be made.

Save into png, jpeg, tiff, bmp, pdf, doc and xls.

Scan a QR code and instantly get the results in web!

Scan almost anything!

By starting the scan button and dragging the mouse in a right to left movement over the documents it does real time visualizations and processing.

Instantly edit them in Word, Excel and other popular applications.

Free Support

We provide free support to all our mouse scanner users. Our call center is available from 9am – 5pm on working days.



Our mouse scanner comes with software that is updated automatically to ensure top edge productivity to our customers.

Social Media

The mouse scanner is social media ready! It can automatically share the scanned images to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Fast Scanning

The mouse scanner is more efficient than the traditional scanners, it takes a much more lesser time to scan images & just drag and drop into word or excel document.

Myscan is freakishly powerful and so damn easy to use, its probably the last mouse scanner you will ever buy

Why Us?

Heart Base Sdn Bhd is one of the main distributors in the world offering new revolutionary products based on the SLAM Scan® Technology introduced by Dacuda AG – Switzerland in South East Asia region.

Award Winning Product
Most Liked by users
High Resolution

Myscan is integrated with a leading text recognition (OCR) frame works supporting over 190 languages.

Text , tables and images are instantly editable in Word, Excel or other popular application.

Contents can also be shared with a single click on popular social networks or by email. It allows fast and error free data entry into any application.

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